The congregation of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod was founded by Claudine Echernier in 1838. Aimed at being witnesses of the gospel in their milieu, it is engaged in a variety of ministeries, of which education is one of its most significant activities since its foundation inn India in 1886. It was Claudine Echernier's vision to reveal to all the merciful love of the father and the liberating power of the mystery of Jesuus dead and risen. (Rule of life 4.4). We have thus, from our origins received from the Father, a special call to participate in the mystery of Jesus dead and risen in the mission in the world for the salvation of all (Rule of life).

Therefore, in response to the needs of the time, we gear our educational work to our main thrust, “EDUCATIONAL FOR SOCIAL CHANGE”.

To be true to our charism, all our apostolic activities, especially education, must have the following characteristic attitudes.

  • Redemptive,

  • Liberating,

  • Gratuitous,

  • Merciful.


    The following frame of reference, therefore must apply:

  • To restore respect and dignity to human persons and thus share in the redeeming love of Christ.

  • To promote freedom, unite bonds of ignorance and there by liberate every person.

  • To render service in compassionate love, especially to the poor and needy.

  • To share with every one the unconditional love and forgiveness in HUMILITY, CHARITY, SELFGIFT AND JOY.


  1. The need of the poor will be considered and get the first priority in the educational ventures.

  2. In our admission policy, there must be clear evidence of our preferential option for the poor.

    Our admission policy is based on the following criteria:-

  • Being Catholic/Christian.

  • Being neighbourhood children.

  • Service/Profession calls.

  • Socially/Education backward classes.

  • Sisters of students.

  • Minorities.


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