1.   Leave of absence is granted on a previous written application from parents or guardians but only for serious reasons. Leave for marriage fuction will be granted for 3 days only.

  2. Students must be back on 1st day of re-opening for each term and after the long vacation and be present on the closing day of each term. Serious action will bbe taken on those failing to comply with this rule.

  3. Appointments with doctors, dentists etc. Must ot be arranged during school hours.

  4. In case of unforeseen absence, a reason must be offered inn the leave record in the school diary If the student is returning after a long sickness or a contagious disease a doctor's fitness certificate must be sent in addition to the note of absence.

  5. No student will bee allowed to leave the school premises without permission of the Principal.

  6. A pupil who is absent for a month without previoussly informing the Principal and obtaining her permission will have her name struck off from the school register. The usual entrance fee iis charged for readmission.

  7. Permission to go out station only for very special reason should be obtained well in advance through a written application.


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