1.   Monday tests are conducted regularly. It is compulsory for all the students. 20% of the Monday test will be calculated and added to the Annual Result. Half yearly examinations is held in September and the final examinations in February and March.

  2. In case a child does not reach the desired levels of performance in a particular class, at the end of the year an improvement chance exam may be given. Pupils absent from an examination without grave reason will be considered as having failed in it. In case of illness, medical certificate should be attached to the leave letter.


    Those who lack 85% of the attendance will not be allowed to appear for the examination. Marks obtained inn the quaterly and half yearly examinations of the concerned year will be addded with the marks of the Annual Examination. Appearing for the final exam is necessary for promotion.

    The system of Grading will be as follows in the Examinations.


    90% and above


    50% to 59.5%


    80% to 89.5%


    45% to 49.5%


    70% to 79.5%


    40% to 44.5%


    60% to 69.5%


    33% to 39.5%




    Below 33%


  3. Strictly speaking, no examination will be held either before or after scheduled time. The students however absent from any exam without serious reasons will be considered failed, and those absent from the supplementary will not be re-examined. To pass in any subject, a student will have to score minimum 33% marks [D2 Grade].

  4. The decision of the school authorities with regard to the promotion is final. The school is also bound by the rules and regulations of the CBSE, Delhi regarding examination and result.

  5. By all means, malpractices in examination such as copying, helping others to copy will be penalized by detention.

  6. If a student is found using unfair means in any subject during atest or examination, she will be given a zero mark in the particular subject.

  7. All fees that are due up to the terminal examination must be paid at least one week before the commencement of the examination. Otherwise the student will not be allowed to appear for the examination.

  8. It is compulsory for the parents/guardians to be present on the open house day to discuss the performance of their children with the concerned teachers and thus to give guidance to their wards.

  9. Since educational is conducted in English language and high standard of English is required for success. The use of English in the school campus is as a rule compulsory. The school authorities hold that regular attendances, alertness in class, performance of regular class work, home work and revision are sufficient to make progress. Parents could make the class teaching more useful if they speak correct english and hindi to their wards at home.

  10. In this connection it is to be noted that private tuition is regarded as unnecessary if not harmful. Tuitions are necessary where no teaching is done. Parents are advised not to waste money on tuitions which do little good. Encourage students to be more attentive in class. When absolutely necessary tuition may be given with due permission.

  11. Results of the examinations are final and will not be re-considered. The answer papers of the annual examination will not be shown to anybody.

  12. The choie of the subjects for the students going to class 12th will be decided by their year long academic performance in class 10th .



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